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Inline Fan (Centrifugal DuctFans)

PP / FRP Blower Fan

PP / FRP centrifugal fan light metal performance parameters using polypropylene sheets, heating die welded together. Its widely used in scientific research, the chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, instruments, electroplating, mines, schools hotels, guesthouses, laboratories, environmental protection, and other ancillary equipment industry for ventilation exclude acidity, and other harmful gases ventilation in . Do not allow transmission of aromatic compounds, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons halogen derivatives, ketones, and other corrosive gases. With corrosion-resistant chemical, it is not easy aging, the proportion of small, small mechanical vibration, low noise, smooth transfer characteristics. It does not allow transmission of gas containing viscous substances contained in dust and rigid particles ≤ 150 mg/m3, ≤ 50 ℃ gas temperature, relative humidity ≤ 100%. And avoid sun exposure, fans are prohibited in the vicinity of heat.

PP / FRP Blower Fan


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