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Inline Fan (Centrifugal DuctFans)

Cabinet Blower Fan

Cabinet fans are particularly designed for air extraction, filtration systems and air conditioning plants where it is necessary low noise emission. They are suitable for civil and industrial applications. The low noise level is due to the acoustic material that cover the ventilator. Above fan Suited to ventilate and convey clean air up to a maximum temperature of 60ºC. The low noise level and the medium pressure head make them ideal for ventilation plants with limited space like offices, shops, industrial and residential installations.

• Volume flow from 100 m3/h up to 6000 m3/h
• Pressure from 10 mm wgp up to 80 mm wgp.
• Temperature: up to 250º C
• Driven arrangement – Direct, V-belt drive
• Construction : M.S / S. S./ Aluminum / Galvanize


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