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Inline Fan (Centrifugal DuctFans)

Air Curtain

R.K. Engg. Introduce a new line of Air Curtains with an elegant modern design that offers an optimum combination of low noise level, sufficient air flow and minimal turbulence.

Air Curtain

R.K.Engg. air curtain are specially designed to prevent the loss of cool air and the entry of hot contaminated air. The products can be used to meet a number of requirements :
* To prevent warm air infiltration in cold shops and doorless reach in refrigerated cases.
* To keep out fumes,dust and insects, maintaining a clean environment.

R.K.Engg. Air Curtains features :

* Corrosion-proof casting in hot dip galvanized, powder coated sheet steel
* Compact design to allow for easy positioning
* Easy installation with cord and plug attached.

Technical Data

* Available Sizes from 3 ft to 6 ft.
* Volume flow from 10 to 18 m/sec for different models.
* Effected up to 12 feet height door.


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